SSG3168I love to write. It is an exhilarating – and exhausting – experience. There is nothing like the high of writing a good story.

In the past, two of my flash fiction pieces, Other and Together and Red and Green, won first place and runner up, respectively, in writing contests. Although the contests were minor, I was thrilled and encouraged (maybe it was a sign à la The Alchemist?). I work full-time as a journalist, but being a novelist has been and always will be my dream.

So, in an effort to make my life goal come true, I am working on a novel and keeping my fingers crossed that somehow it will be successful. In the meantime, I am posting flash fiction and short stories here to keep my writing muscles flexed. 🙂

For those interested in reading more about my thoughts on novels, please check out my sister site, The Book She Read.

Thank you for reading!


UPDATE: I have stopped posting as of February 2015 because I’m working to complete my first book! It is currently out to beta readers, and I hope it will be on bookshelves soon (or eventually…).


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